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Prior Authorization WEB sUMMIT 

Cited among the greatest challenges facing healthcare, an overwhelming 91% of providers perceive the PA process to have a negative impact on clinical outcomes.1

Learn more about the true impact of Prior Authorization issues across your organization.

Some studies estimate practices spend over $60,000 per provider annually2 on prior authorizations. Other impacts include: diminished patient care, organizational inefficiencies and drained staff resources. It's time to talk about it. 


What You'll Learn

  • AMA study results regarding patient and provider burden
  • Patient and provider perspectives on PAs
  • The PA impact on organizational efficiency
  • DataFile research on PAs
  • Alternative solutions to streamline the process 

1 2018 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey, American Medical Association, 19-321568:1/19

2 Casalino, L. P., Nicholson, S., Gans, D. N., Hammons, T., Morra, D., Karrison, T., & Levinson, W. (2009). What Does It Cost Physician Practices To Interact With Health Insurance Plans? Health Affairs, 28(4). doi:10.1377/hlthaff.28.4.w533


Download the presentation that identifies the problems with Prior Authorizations (and how to solve them)


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