Like all covered entities and business associates, DataFile has patient privacy
as one of our highest priorities.

In an effort to be open and transparent, DataFile Technologies publishes an annual Incident Report to illustrate our accuracy and communicate our error rate, defined as total breaches and violations handled by DataFile which resulted in unauthorized disclosures.

While our goal is zero errors, we are human and will occasionally make mistakes. We are proud to report the DataFile ROI error rate for 2016 was 0.0301% (less than four hundredths of one percent).

Even though health data breaches have become increasingly common, the DataFile error rate is far lower than the national trend. According to Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review, there was an overall average of one data breach per day by healthcare providers in 2016. In contrast, DataFile only had eight breaches and posted an accuracy rate of 99.97%, greatly outperforming the national average.



Violations involving greater than 500 patients



Total number of reportable single-patient breaches at DataFile in 2016 – the rest of the industry averaged one per day



Total breaches and violations handled by DataFile resulting in unauthorized disclosures

The best part of our compliance program is our people, as evidenced by our excellent training and our low incident rate. Even though DataFile continues to grow, our incident rate has declined for the third consecutive year.


CIO & Manager of Compliance Team, DataFile Technologies

Our Goals Is Zero Errors

we strive to provide you with...

  • Clinically experienced HIM experts
    Partner with a team that fully understands your terminology, pathology, diagnoses and procedures
  • Seamless implementation
    Leverage a hassle-free onboarding process and a secure, streamlined network connection
  • Increased scalability
    Streamline large records processing workloads for hospital and ambulatory care as well as for smaller practices
  • Flexible options
    Get turnkey solutions to fulfill records requests and index, route and structure data to prepare for MACRA/MIPS
  • Industry-wide connections
    Join a nationwide community of leading health systems, practices and hospitals
  • Informative security risk analysis
    Ensure your practice is in compliance with annual HIPAA and other regulatory programs

How could offloading compliance programs and PHI processing tasks reduce your error risk and give you more time to improve patient care quality?

Find Out from DataFile

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