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Phone calls asking for records status requests, HIPAA compliance obligations and, most importantly, patient care don’t slow down just because your medical back office is at max capacity. 

Learn how business process outsourcing (BPO) could change the way your practice operates. Discover more in our "Hourly vs. Outsource: Staffing Alternatives for Healthcare Organizations" White Paper. 

  • Drive back-office efficiency
  • Improve accuracy and quality
  • Mitigate HIPAA liability
  • Increase time spent on patient care

What would less turnover do for your practice?
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“This was the smoothest implementation process I have ever been through. Your staff has been wonderful to work with, and I have had no complaints whatsoever. Everyone seems very competent and easy to work with.”

deborah hawkins

business office supervisor, clinics of north texas
2 locations | 41 providers

“We just love ScanSTAT. We just received a request for 37 records and sent them over to ScanSTAT. It’s a wonderful service and the implementation was such a breeze. Your staff is very courteous and got back to us in a timely manner.”

laura zavadil

office manager, grand valley medical specialists, plc
2 locations | 13 providers

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