Creating a better back office in the last frontier

Download this case study to see how a novel approach to chart updates and document filing increased Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute's employee job satisfaction rate x7.

Alaska is often called The Last Frontier. 

The Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute is blazing trails into new frontiers of Health Information Management (HIM) to overcome incoming records backlog and staff burnout due to high document volumes in their 25 provider cardiology practice.

Download this case study to see how a novel approach to chart updates and document filing increased their employee job satisfaction rate x7. Alaska Heart was able to get ahead of hundreds of incoming faxes per day to achieve same-day chart updates leading to more timely patient visits and higher quality care.

Control the Chaos. Make your People Happy.

If you are looking for better solutions for your HIM processes – or looking for ways to alleviate the stress of busywork from your staff -- DataFile would love the opportunity to help.  Our eFile and eFile Plus services provide you with reliable records filing and chart updating, no matter what EHR you use and even when you need structured data for reimbursement criteria and interoperability.  We employ staff, many with clinical experience, dedicated to filing, processing medical records and handling PHI with industry leading reliability and consistency without disrupting your overall workflow.

  • Clinically experienced
    Partner with a team that fully understands your terminology, pathology, diagnoses and procedures

  • Seamless implementation
    Leverage a hassle-free onboarding process and a secure, streamlined network connection

  • Built for scale
    Streamline large workloads for hospital and ambulatory care as well as for smaller practices

  • Pay for performance
    Get turnkey solutions to index, route and structure sensitive data to prepare for MACRA/MIPS

  • Provider-approved
    Join a nationwide community of leading health systems, practices and hospitals

  • Fast turnaround
    Experience industry-leading efficiency on filing ROI requests from as little as 2 to 24 hours

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